I went online this morning desperate to find out the reason Theodore’s been sleeping so poorly the past two nights*. I think he’s teething, but it’s seemed that way for a week now and no tooth. And that didn’t explain why the past two nights were worse than the previous few. And sure enough, a Google search tells me that Theodore is right in the midst of another Wonder Week.

And it shouldn’t surprise me because all of a sudden he’s clapping (video to come when I can get it off Matthew’s phone! And high fiving! And is maybe saying dada. And last night stood for 20 seconds without holding on to anything because he had to use his hands to talk. 🙂  In other words, it’s a flurry of development over here, and the world is far too exciting to sleep. I love seeing him develop, but man oh man, I hope he lets me sleep soon.

*Theodore has been going to bed reasonably normally around 7:30 or 8 and then sleep until 4:30 or so. Which is terrific! But then at 4:30 he is up, and it takes 1.5-2 hours to get him back to sleep. He doesn’t seem happy to be up, and even if he were, 4:30AM is NOT wake up time in our house and never will be. The reason I started to suspect it wasn’t teething is that he was clapping and babbling, and if we tried to lay him down, he popped up to standing right away.